Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Fuller's Earth Face Mask

I know... I know... another "beauty" post. I promise, I'll get back on nutrition and exercise :)

I mentioned in THIS POST about changing my haircare, as well as skincare, regimen.

Thanks to my sister's radiant skin in December, I now don't use any soap on my face. I won't go into the not-so-good ingredients that some of my face soaps contained but one of them SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) is very drying as most of these sulphates not only clean, but strip the skin of its moisture. Not the best thing for someone with dry skin like myself....

Anyway back to the reason for this post, now I cleanse my face using oil once a week and use my sugar scrub once every week or two.

I clarify (deep clean) my skin (face) with Fuller's Earth Powder (an Indian earth powder named 'Multani Mati'), the pack says it:
  • is a natural cleaning agent
  • makes skin smooth and soft
  • improves blood circulation and adds glow to skin
Some online research also resulted in "Fullers Earth powder makes a great skin treatment face mask. It replaces lost moisture and can be used to remove blackheads and spots, great for oily skin, blemishes and acne."

Of course I jumped on it and it's been really great for my skin so far...Please note this has no scent or smell :)

I mix about 4 tablespoons of the powder with 2 capsful (grammar?) of apple cider vinegar and a little water to give it a paste like consistency. Apple cider vinegar is used because one of its many benefits* is it helps to gently remove oil and dirt buildup.

I apply to my face and leave on for at least 15 minutes (until it dries).

I rinse off with warm water, do a final rinse with cold water to seal my pores. These pictures are before I moisturised, my skin doesn't feel tight or look ashy and dry.

My skin hasn't felt so clean but NOT stripped in forever.... I love it! I apply my moisturiser (grapeseed oil) and I'm good to go :)

*Apple cider vinegar is also great as a toner - mix one part ACV with at least 3 parts water, apply to cotton wool and clean your face - it really works :) There are more benefits!

ACV can be found in any grocery store and Fuller's Earth powder can be found in Indian shops and health shops. My sister buys *Bentonite Clay* in the States and it's exactly the same thing.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I came across ur blog page whilst googling fuller's earth and i must say u r quite an inspiration (I went through ur whole page!! ;) )what I wanted to know was where did u buy ur fullers earth powder? and is that the same apple cider vinegar u use as a toner?


p.s im pleased to say u have gotten urself a new follower!! :) yayyyyy

Adura said...

Thank you so much :) :) :)

I buy mine from an Indian Food Hall in turnpike lane and yes I use the same Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner :)

Yayyyyyy, thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

hi. thanks so much. i love the mask. and i read how to cleanse your skin using a mix of castor oil and e.v.o. but it said only to do that every so often or it would actually dry out your skin. what am i to do on the other days if i have makeup or something on my face? also, how do you store you acv/water toner? in a plastic bottle? one more- i have oily skin and get the BIG pimples. do you think moisturizing with grapeseed oil is too much for me if i am following the rest of your regimen? or shld i buy a moisturizer and if so what ingredients shld i look and look out for? thanks

Adura said...

Hi :)

Answers coming shortly in a blog post and video!