Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Get Trimmer... Naija Style (Week Eight)

Hi Ladies... I know I know, I haven't given feedback to your food diaries as promised. I can't believe how busy I've been (not that I'm complaining as it's a good thing) but I'm going to make time for you today :)

Slim fast shake - 190 calories
A: Please post the nutrition info of your shake. Last I remembered, their sugar content's high and I read something about them not being very nutritious.

Lunch: 2.5 cups for fresh lettuce no dressing, 1 breast of baked bbq chicken with wing; no sauce and mushroom shrimp pasta - 611 calories
A: It's great you don't use salad dressing :) You usually don't eat pasta (good). Lettuce isn't very filling, try some heavier veggies e.g. corn, peas, cooked spinach etc Try steaming/cooking your veg in chicken stock, love it.


I try to workout everyday except sunday... today i worked out for 35-45 mins totaling a calorie loss of 463 ( makes up for the pasta I
A: Although it's encouraging to see the number of calories you're burning on the machine you're using, they're not very accurate. Unless you have a heart rate monitor (the strap round your chest) and a watch (which you enter more detail than usual), the values given aren't accurate. Make sure you include strength training :)
Fist size of eba with okro and a lot of meat.
A: Good! You're eating Nigerian food but not unhealthy portions :) My main feedback for this day is you need to eat more veg. Also try to snack often :)

Slimfast shake- 190 calories
A: See above for my response.

2.5 cups of romaine lettuce, no dressing-23 cals
2 tablespoons of bacon bits-50 cals
1 slice of plain cheese pizza-250cals
Total 323 cals
A: *ahem* ;) Pizza.... As long as you didn't make it from scratch at home - the cheese, flour, etc used to make it (bulk) are not ideal. Yes it's nice to treat yourself but try to eat fresher treats. 
What do the bacon bits look like? Do they contain preservatives?
Snack-1 cup of sweet potato baked fries-364
A: What brand's this? So I can have more info on the nutrition content.
Dinner-1 cup of rice-320 cals
.5 plantain fried-180 cals
.5 cup red soup-80
a whole lotta meat..- dont care about the cals
A: What's Red Soup? You could have had a whole plantain baked in the oven with olive oil.

Toyin: Really good :) Just tiny tweaks here and there.

Ok - I'm going to respond to the other food diaries later today :)


Toyin said...

We are waiting......LOl!

Adura said...

I'm about to respond now, lol.

I've been so busy, sorry :)

OK said...

breakfast: Apple and lots of water.
Lunch: tangerine, 2 pieces of pizza and lot of water.
Dinner: 6 piece of Tuc biscuits,n half handful cashew nuts with 3 cups of green tea and lemon.
After dinner: 2 apples. and water.

NB:This is my weekend treat though. Had a pizza last 8weeks ago. Just craved for it today.....
Ok, and just walked about 2300m today......

Toyin said...

Thanks so much Adura. Taking your tips seriously.I think you are right about the workout calories.... so from now on,I will not "eat" my work out calories and just leave them as

Preye K said...

I dnt know if I am too late but I'ld like to join (I sure do need to lose weight after the short holiday :( )
Here are my Stats
Weight - 73kg
Height - 5ft4inches
Bust - 36inches
Waist - 35inches
Hips - 43 inches

I have always wanted to keep a food/exercise diary but so this is going to serve as a much needed motivation.
Hope I am not too late though :D
Thanks a million n keep up d good work