Monday, 14 November 2011

Reader's Question: Zumba

Hello Adura, Doing Zumba 4 times a week is it enough exercise to lose weight?

Attending Zumba classes more than 3 times a week is really good to begin with BUT
  • Like most exercise routines, when your body gets used to it, you start to reach a plateau. This means you won't see the same results you saw at the beginning. This is because initially you're shocking your body with exercise but if you don't vary your workouts, you won't see constant significant results.
Zumba is solely a cardio based class but it is a very fun way to get your exercise so definitely keep attending the classes :)

I'd suggest attending 2-3 classes a week and at least one (preferably two) strength based session (Read this post: 'I Love Strength Training') every week. If you're in London, why don't you try out a Fitter London class? Your first class is FREE. Check out the Fitter London timetable:

Your goal with exercise should be to constantly shock your body so it doesn't get the chance to know what's coming next. With strength training, as you get stronger you can increase your weights, repititions or sets.

Good Luck :)

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In the midst of her said...

Zumba is da bomb! I love it! It makes you feel great while shaking what your mama gave you. But like you said Adura, I don't rely solely on it for a workout. I still go for strength training classes and keep things varied!

uduak said...

i love Zumba, i take 3 classes a week here in ABJ. it is so much fun