Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Weight Watchers Naija Style ;-)

Someone recently asked me if I followed Weight Watchers religiously and my answer is yes.... BUT WW meal plans are not based on Nigerian meals.
None of the sample weekly plans had roasted or boiled plantain with grilled chicken and veg. Or any usual foods in the Nigerian diet so I had to make it work for me:

1. What my friends named my "Weight Watcher's Stew" - why? only because I used much less oil than the generous amount that we're all used to. I figured, the chicken stock definitely contained oil so why did I have to use vegetable, sunflower, etc oil? I tried it the 1st time and was pleasantly surprised! Like I've said before, oil doesn't make food taste better. If you season your chicken nicely = yummy chicken stock and you season your stew properly, you don't need to see oil floating on your stew for your stew to taste nice.

2. Fried Rice, Adura style - Simple thing which I'm sure a lot of people already do. One thing I learned during this time was to bulk my meals with vegetables. Usually the ratio of rice to mixed veg was 2:1, and at the very best, 1:1. All I did was greatly increase the portion of mixed veg to result in a ratio of  1:3(or 4) for rice to vegetables for my fried rice. Trust me, there's enough rice in there, it actually made my fried rice look more appetizing (all those beautiful colours - red, green, yellow, orange...) and honestly, it tasted good, if not better than my usual fried rice and it was more nutritious. (I know most of us do this already but for those who don't know, cooking rice in chicken stock just makes it taste soooo good).
I did this same thing for noodles, I used to have 2 packs of noodles (nothing unusual there, everyone does it). I cooked my noodles with mixed vegetables and chicken, usually ended up with a plateful of a lot of food <-- I usually was unable to finish a whole pack of noodles.

3. Eating more protein that usual.... Before WW, I ate a big plate of rice with one or 2 pieces of chicken. After weightwatcher, and learning that chicken wasn't bad in very generous portions, I reduced my portion of rice, replaced with vegetables and a lot of chicken. So yep, I was one of those who had less than 2 serving spoons of rice (jollof or fried) and about 4 pieces of chicken... why not? ;-)

4. For other Nigerian staples e.g. yam and plantain, I reduced the portions and boiled or roasted them.

Good thing about weight watchers is they have an online resource that can calculate points for almost anything now. They also have a growing list of points for just about anything now, they're much better than when I was on it :)

Be aware of the size/weights of their servings. E.g. the plantain they had down as 2 points was about half the size of plantain I usually bought.

Photo Credit: Weight Watchers


Good Naija Girl said...

Great tips! I'm not much of a cook when it comes to Nigerian dishes but these will surely help.

Vickii said...

That's amazing that you made WW work for you! I wish I knew you when I was doing WW. It worked for me too but I didn't eat much Nigerian food - just the food that was already calculated in the books; which was a lot! You know I'm a fan of WW - I just think it's the most sensible 'diet' plan out there!

Tinuo said...

thank you sooo much for answering my question im on WW now and im actually following through with it

Abimars said...

Yay, I found you again! Just saw your article on Bellanaija.

Adura said...

GNG - Thanks :)

Vickii - Yep, WW is sensible and realistic, love it!

TinuO - no problem at all :) Good Luck and keep me posted.

Abi - yay! Glad to hear from you :)

Amina said...

How do you do weight watchers i f you live in Nigeria though, I have the same problem but writing a plan with no steps to follow is really hard.

Onada - Fashion and Photography said...

you've totally motivated me!!

Ms zee said...

I have reached the dreaded plateau what can I do, I have lost 15lbs and have 30 more to go :(

Adura said...

@Amina You definitely can do it, email me an example of your typical day and I will give you some tips. I'll definitely be blogging more about this.

@Onada Glad to know that. You are a huge inspiration!

@MsZee Email me... Are you the same Ms Zee from my blogging days in 2007/2008? I think you are :)

tokotaya said...

i think i fall in the same category as amina, how do i do d ww naija style and right now my motivation is really low HELP!!!!!!!!

Chic Therapy said...

I dont even cook my naija stew with oil at all, and i dont even notice the difference.!glad if found your blog, i will be back

Annie said...

Hi Adura. I just found your weight watchers naija. Plls i need help, motivation and mentoring to loose weight. I Ψª§ wondering if you could help me wt my diet Α̲̅πϑ xcercises . My email ȋ̝̊̅s ninee@live.co.uk. I live @ abj. Thanks