Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Scale + Adura != Friends!

After I reached my goal with Weight Watchers in 2002, I'm glad to say I didn't get obsessed with my weight.

But I'll admit I weighed myself at least once a week. I kept this routine for a few years, even after I took up running in 2005 - this was a very good way for me to maintain my weight.... until I totally changed my training routine.

A little more on my running - I used to run at least 3 times a week for a little over 2 years. To improve on my running, and also to add a little variety to my main form of exercise, I did regular interval training sessions and hill runs. I did no strength training so I wasn't building any significant muscle mass.
I mainted my weight with this routine for a long while until I hit a wall... There was no more improvement in my running, I slowly noticed a gradual increase in my weight almost every week (as proved by my scale). I joined Weight Watchers again to lose a little under a stone (14lbs) and with healthy eating, I was back down to my "healthy" weight.

Due to a lot of things that happened in my personal life, I had many important things on my mind so weighing myself was on the back burner. After a while, I forgot about it and didn't for months.

Later in 2008 I included strength training, at least once a week, to my routine. Then it went up to twice a week... I started attending classes which involved a lot of bodyweight training and the changes in my body were amazing. I finally got the muscle definition I'd seen other women achieve but had seemed unattainable for years. I was so happy until...

I weighed myself - I was 8 pounds heavier!

My clothes fit me better, I knew I looked slimmer but the scale said otherwise. My friends kept reminding me about muscle being heavier than fat, did I listen? Nope... I started eating a little healthier, I stepped on the scale every week but my weight didn't budge! Good thing was it stayed the same so I knew I was definitely doing something right.

After doing a lot of reading, especially for my training course, I finally accepted the obvious fact - Muscle is denser than fat i.e. if you take one pound of fat and one pound of muscle, the muscle will occupy less space than the fat.
In my case - I was gaining muscle from my weight training and I did lose some body fat (probably not enough as I was still at my phase of eating as hard as I trained) => I was slimmer but heavier.

After the unneccessary stress I put myself through because of the d**n scale, I stopped weighing myself!

How do I ensure I maintain my current size? As a fitness professional, I should say - I measure my body fat often, use a tape measure to keep track of my measurements or something along those lines but I don't (haha!)
  • I eat healthy from Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday I eat almost whatever I want and it all starts again on Monday morning :)
  • My "skinny" jeans. Every woman should have a pair of jeans that fit like a second skin, any little sin will mean you'd have a lot of difficulty putting them on ;-)
  • And working out often (ofcourse). I train 3-4 times a week, I would do more but I instruct a few classes which are physical enough for me... that's my excuse ;-)
I'm not sending out a message here that you shouldn't weigh yourself, if you have a substantial amount to lose to be at a healthy size - weighing yourself is an easy and very encouraging way to track your progress.

If you are at, or are very close to, a healthy size - try not to be obsessed with your weight. We have enough to worry about as women :)

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Anonymous said...

aduraaaa! im fatttt! nothing works for me! i jog for thirty minutes every morning, i avoid fatty foods, and i dont eat anything fried yet i havent lost a single pound. i dontknow what to doooo! what kind of strength training exercises do you do?

Nimz said...

I've weighed myself after every meal this week. I'm psycho. Hopefully when I see changes in my body, I won't mind as much

Adura said...

Hi Anon,
My blog post next week will be answering your questions because I totally understand where you're coming from :)

Step away from the scales or I'll tell your man to confiscate it ;-)

Vickii said...

Lol, it's great that you no longer weigh yourself and you do look the best you ever have *go Adura, go Adura*! I can't not weigh myself at all, but I only do it at most once a week.

Adura said...

Try once a month then... :)

Thanks Vickii!

IFEOMA said...

Hi Adura, I'm sooo impressed by you!! For your Saturdays and Sundays, do you watch portion sizes or do you eat as much as you want? I've lost weight and I'm about a US size 8 but I would like to get down to a jeans size 6 and it's been a struggle to loose those few pounds. But you're inspiring me, I'll be definitely fine tuning my diet from now!!