Monday, 9 July 2012

Healthy Eating Tip #1

Use a smaller sized plate for your meals. 

I remember when I was on WW years ago. It took me a short time to realise that using my smaller plates meant I had to serve less food to fill up the plate. The same portion looked so small on a larger plate!

Having the self control to not go back for seconds helps of course. But you'll find that once you're done with the 1st serving (on your smaller plate), you most likely won't feel the need to eat more :)

Try it!

Photo Credit: How To Lose Weight Fast


Nate Dilworth said...

Agree with you and like to say we must break our meals in 5/6 small meals including snacks to lose and maintain body weight. Add raw food more in our diet plans and increase water intake. Avoid eating late and sleep for 7/8 hours a day.

Dr fomsky said...

When I use small plates, I tend to eat less sometimes. When I'm really hungry or the food is really sweet, I can't help myself!!