Thursday, 13 October 2011

Hello :-)

Hope you're well... sorry this blog has been DRY - I'm in holiday mode ;) I'm on day 4 of my swimming lessons and I am seeing GREAT progress :)

Being on holiday is a great thing, as someone said to me yesterday - It gives you the time to reflect and re-evaluate. I'm making plans for the future and I am very optimistic. I have decided to cut down on *overly* physically demanding work eg I currently teach five spin classes every week! I can't do this for much longer, my target number is 3 (before the end of the year).

I'm also "working on other projects", haha I had to use that line because so many people say it and sound vague and mysterious. For all one knows, the "projects" are non-existent ;)

My website is a priority and I hope to have it up by the end of the year (funny because my target launch date was in the summer but life got in the way).

I'm going to be doing some more 'Fitness Writer' work on websites and hopefully more magazines :)

My most recent work can be found on Lagos Mums: 5 Nutrition Tips For New Mamas <-- Please read, comment and share :)

I'm running another session this weekend (As seen on Bella Naija's 'Events This Weekend) and would love to meet/see even more of you:

I will also have these protein snack bars available for sale at this session, email me for more details :)

See you soon!

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