Friday, 4 February 2011

Anybody Out There....?


I know I haven't updated in a couple of weeks but I promise I have valid excuses:
  • My broadband service at home just died on me :( I spent an hour on the phone with Sky on Monday evening testing my line and.... NOTHING. Apparently my telephone line magically stopped recieving broadand signal. My "case" has been escalated and Sky, bearing in mind I specifically asked that they call my mobile phone, called my house phone and I was not home. Aaaarrrggghhh
  • I had some work to do outside London most of this week but I'm back now :)
  • And soo much work to do for myself and of course Fitter London.
To show how much I care, I'm in Pret right now typing up this blog post.

Coming soon - more Get Trimmer posts, haircare and skin care, and more...

Enjoy your weekend, stay healthy, dont over indulge on the weekend and... if like me, you like chocolate - opt for 70% (or more) dark chocolate as it contains less of the fillers (sugar, etc) and more of the real stuff (cocoa) - Great tip from a well-read (who's tried and tested most of what she advises) Nutritionist, Keris Marsden of Fitter London.

Until my next post..... enjoy :)

PS Just got this response from someone who attended the Fitter London Kettlebell class I teach on Friday mornings in Broadgate: "I am really enjoying the classes and find you very enthusiastic in what you are doing" <-- These are the kind of comments that keep me going :) Oh an someone who read my article on Bella Naija (Sept 30th) now attends my classes, how COOL is that?!

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sugarbaby said...

Adura,your blog is now one of the tabs in my homepage.Seeing u every morning inspires me to live better and make better choices.keep keepin on girl!!